Discover with Dogs pet friendly trip advice and suggestions for traveling with dogs by Schuyler Croy
Schuyler Croy Founder of Discover with Dogs

Hey there! My name is Schuyler and I was inspired to create Discover with Dogs because I knew that if I worked hard to include my pups on my travels, others were probably doing the exact same.

Finding the perfect place to stay, places to eat and activities you can do that involve your dog can take hours of research and guessing which not everyone has time for. My carefully curated city guides and travel tips are meant to encourage you to plan for your dog on your next trip to come with you rather than leaving them at home.

So cuddle up with your pup and start planning your next trip so you can discover a new city together!

Travel Tips 

Bringing your dog with you can be easier than you think. From packing lists to helpful advice, these travel tips will help make sure that your vacation is memorable for all the right reasons.

Discover Guides

Check out the hottest spots that are dog-friendly in these major cities! I break it down on where to stay, what to eat and what to do with your best friend.


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