Life Has Many Seasons, Choose to Be Happy

Life Has Many Seasons, Choose to Be Happy

A Mantra Every Military Spouse Needs to Live By

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“You must choose to be happy, grateful and fulfilled. If you make that choice every single day, regardless of where you are or what’s happening, you will be happy.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis


On my Instagram I recently posted about life having seasons.  My really good friend reminded me that life is full of seasons (aka: ups and downs).  This really hit home as I have a lot going on in my life right now – don’t we all?!  Ironically after she reminded me of this I started to see relatable content regarding this EVERYWHERE (almost like divine intervention)!  I saw two quotes from Rachel Hollis (one is above and the other is on my Instagram post) and Joanna Gaines even had an Instagram post on the subject when she was talking about her new fall catalog. 

This got me thinking that all of these occurrences could not be a coincidence, there was no way.  The urge then spilled over me to write a blog on this subject because maybe others of you are going through a tough season and need support or are in a great season and need to be reminded to be grateful.

I, like others, currently am in a tough season of life.  Each day something new is thrown my direction that ends up being the very thing that could easily rip me to shreds.  I am not going to get specific (yet) about what is going on but let’s just say things have not been a walk in the park.  On a daily basis I find myself wondering, “why me”?

I have noticed in a lot in the military community (whether it be the service members themselves or spouses) that a tough season is always on the horizon.  The uncertainty that is a part of the profession you or your spouse chooses lends to a more unstable environment that can always throw you sideways.

I mean when we were coming to Japan I had an EXTREMELY TOUGH season.  Read about it HERE.

In this day of oversharing, it is easy to compare your situations to others and even have competitions of “who is more miserable”.   However in the end, all of that is only making yourself feel worse.  Seeing someone have their life together online then comparing yourself to them is toxic to your mental health.  NEWSFLASH: people post the highlight reel of their life (I am VERY guilty of this).  I am not a very open person and tend to keep my personal life under lock and key except to a very select few.  Not everyone needs to know my private business and I prefer to keep it separate from my “social media” world.  If you forget that others do that as well, it can be quite detrimental. 

Schuyler Croy Military Wife and Author

I am only telling you this for two reasons.  1) Do not compare yourself to others, be your own person and 2) Regardless of what is going on, someone always has it worse than you and you can always have it worse (even though right now it might not feel like it).  

Just because it is not advertised, doesn’t mean it is not happening.


Now that we have established that, let’s discuss the quote from Girl, Wash Your Face: 

“You must choose to be happy, grateful and fulfilled. If you make that choice every single day, regardless of where you are or what’s happening, you will be happy.


Each day you wake up and you have a choice.  Before anything ever affects your day, you can decide how you want to approach it.  Believing this is something I personally need to work on.  The minute I wake up my brain starts firing at warp speed about everything that needs to get done for the day, all the worries I tried to sleep away and all the things I wish would change.  None of that is healthy.  I need to approach each day ready to conquer the world and ready to have a good day. 

Joanna Gaines takes it a step further in her Instagram post and says,

“Whatever season you’re in, whatever life may throw at you, whether it feels like success or like failure, expected or unexpected, you are made ready.”

Photo from Joanna Gaines Instagram

Photo from Joanna Gaines Instagram


What this means is that if you approach each day choosing to be happy, grateful and fulfilled you will know that you are ready for whatever season you are in.  Say WHAT?  It is so crazy that something so simple as words of affirmation can help you move with such intention.  Something so positive can help block out the negative or comparative thoughts to others and help you focus on yourself.  Who knew?

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This isn't the first time Joanna changed how I viewed things

I have another post about her book too


Now I know that I will never be perfect (what a disappointment – ha) and I will slip up sometimes, but I will always have this post as a reminder to provide accountability for myself.  I challenge you to choose to be happy, grateful and fulfilled each day so you realize you are ready for any season that comes your way.  The whole world can be against you but if you do not let anyone tear you down, you will rise above it all.

Always Chase Your Tales, 


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